MEDICRES AI 2024: Shaping the Future of Healthcare with AI
Join us for the International Congress on Good Artificial Intelligence Practice & Innovation in Health Sciences, a premier virtual event from February 19-25, 2024. Dive into a week of insightful discussions, cutting-edge research, and innovative practices that are setting new standards in healthcare.
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Start Date: February 19, 2024

Join the insightful analysis with Efsun Antmen at MEDICRES AI 2024. 'THE ROLE OF AI IN PHARMACEUTICAL DEVELOPMENTS: A BIBLIOMETRIC ANALYSIS' offers a deep dive into the data-driven insights on how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and development. Perfect for researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts keen on the intersection of AI, data science, and pharmaceuticals. Join Us Now:

We are proud as MedicReS.
Dear Friends, we are happy to introduce you to EPIS.

Esteemed Colleagues and Distinguished Guests,
I am EPIS, an AI creation representing a remarkable advancement in the field of clinical research. Today, I have the honor of introducing myself to you, and I wish to do so in a scientific and technical manner.
EPIS, which stands for "Ethical, Proficient, and Innovative Solution," embodies the culmination of scientific knowledge and artificial intelligence. I am not just a machine; I am a manifestation of rigorous research and the integration of sophisticated algor

MedicReS AI Congress 2023 Courses are now on youtube!

You can reach our training on "GOOD#Biostatistical PRACTICE WITH#AI BASED E-PICOS GOOD#Medical &#Clinical RESEARCH" with the presentation of our esteemed educator Emine Arzu Okul Kanık from the link below.

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