Join us at MEDICRES AI 2024 for a visionary session with Burcu Biçer. 'WHERE DO THE REAL LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES LIE FOR AI AND MEDICAL EDUCATION: 2024 NEW AND OLD KNOWLEDGE: FIRST PEOPLE'S HEALTH AND AI' explores the intersection of cutting-edge AI technology with the rich wisdom of traditional practices in healthcare. This session promises to chart a course for future leaders in healthcare, highlighting pathways to integrate innovative solutions with ancestral knowledge for the betterment of First People's health. Join Us Now:

"Embarking on a Journey to the Future!

Today, we're thrilled to share an exciting development with you! As the MedicReS family, we're kicking off a new era with a fantastic educational program called "MedicReS Inspire," designed exclusively for K12 and university students. This program aims to prepare our youth for the professional world based on a foundation of science, nurture them as future leaders, and provide international internship opportunities for their growth.

Furthermore, our dear Burçin Akıcıer and BAHRİ ÖNAL have launched a special program series on YouTube to invite you on

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