MEDICRES AI 2024: Shaping the Future of Healthcare with AI
Join us for the International Congress on Good Artificial Intelligence Practice & Innovation in Health Sciences, a premier virtual event from February 19-25, 2024. Dive into a week of insightful discussions, cutting-edge research, and innovative practices that are setting new standards in healthcare.
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Start Date: February 19, 2024

Dive into the future of healthcare with Eda Tanoğlu at MEDICRES AI 2024. 'PROVIDING HEALTHCARE SERVICES IN VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS' will explore the cutting-edge possibilities and challenges of virtual healthcare services, offering insights into how technology is reshaping patient care. An essential session for healthcare professionals and technologists eager to be at the forefront of digital health innovation. Join Us Now:

Navigate the legal landscape of AI in healthcare at MEDICRES AI 2024 with Barış Özçelik. 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN HEALTH FROM A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE' will offer an in-depth look at the regulatory, ethical, and legal considerations critical to integrating AI into health sciences. An invaluable session for professionals at the intersection of law, ethics, and healthcare innovation. Join Us Now:

Step into the forefront of medical innovation at MEDICRES AI 2024 with ANTONIO LIMA JUNIOR. 'REVOLUTIONIZING ASD DIAGNOSIS: THE FRONTIER OF AI AND MACHINE LEARNING INNOVATIONS' will explore groundbreaking developments in diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder using AI and machine learning technologies. A pivotal session for those dedicated to enhancing diagnostic methods and care in behavioral health. Join Us Now:

We're thrilled to announce Sanofi as the Diamond Sponsor for MedicReS AI 2024! A huge thank you to Sanofi for leading the way in AI within the pharma industry. Your support plays a pivotal role in the success of our congress and in advancing AI innovation in health sciences. Together, we're shaping the future of healthcare.#MedicresAI2024#Sanofi#AIinHealthcare#ThankYou

Explore the synergy of minds at MEDICRES AI 2024 with Patrick Henz. 'COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE: HUMAN & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE' will unveil the dynamic partnership between AI and human intellect in advancing health sciences. An unmissable session for those interested in the forefront of medical innovation. Join Us Now:

Discover the future of AI in healthcare with Arzu Kanık at MEDICRES AI 2024. 'REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTHCARE: THE POWER OF DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS' promises insights into innovation and good practice in health sciences. Don't miss this enlightening talk! Join Us Now:

AI in Neurology: Innovations in brain health and neurologic disorders. hashtag#AINeurology hashtag#MedicresAI2024
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🌟 Get Ready for a Revolutionary Experience at MEDICRES AI 2024! 🚀

🔊 Calling all AI enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, and innovators! Join us for the most anticipated virtual event of the year: MEDICRES AI 2024 International Congress on Good Artificial Intelligence Practice & Innovation in Health Sciences.
🗓️ Date: February 19 - 25, 2024
📍 Location: Your Screen, Anywhere in the World
💰 Participation: Absolutely FREE! ...

Dear All,
We are excited to extend a special invitation to you for the MEDICRES AI 2023 International Conference & Workshop on Good Artificial Intelligence Practice & Innovation in Health Sciences. This prestigious event will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, on December 22-23, 2023, and we promise it will be a landmark gathering in the field of healthcare AI.
Highlight of the Event:
💊 First Presentation of Epis AI
We are thrilled to announce that at MEDICRES AI 2023, we will be introducing our groundbreaking AI technology, EPIS,

MHRA to launch the AI-Airlock, a new regulatory sandbox for AI developers
The AI-Airlock will assist in the development and deployment of software and AI medical devices, safely providing patients with earlier access to cutting edge innovations that improve care.


🌟 Join MEDICRES AI 2023 Conference! 🌟

📆 Date: December 22-23, 2023 🌍 Location: Vienna, Austria
You're invited to the intersection of AI and health sciences at MEDICRES AI 2023!
🚀 Innovative ideas and cutting-edge tech. 🤝 Global networking and collaboration. 🔬 Showcase your work. 🌐 Explore the AI revolution in healthcare.
Details and registration at
Exciting times await you in Vienna!


Fostering Innovation and Culture - INNOVATION AND CULTURE | Mindset

Immerse yourself in INNOVATION AND CULTURE, where creativity meets progress. K12 and university students, join us to cultivate a culture of innovation and drive positive change in your academic and personal pursuits.

Registration & More Info: Https://


Dear Participants,

Under the leadership of the valuable co-chairs of MEDICRES AI 2024
Mark your calendars and be a part of this extraordinary congress!
Join us for a transformative event exploring the intersection of AI and healthcare. Get ready for inspiring discussions, groundbreaking insights, and networking opportunities.
We will be very happy to meet you at MedicReS AI 2024.

Kind Regards,
MedicReS AI


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